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- delicious vegan takeout -

100% plant-based, whole food delivered in completely

biodegradable and compostable takeout containers.

- available daily 4:30pm - 


pick-up at Lower Mills Tavern • 2269 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

stalk: the stem or main axis of a plant. 


- meet chef cara -

meet chef cara nance, the creator of stalk. cara became a vegetarian at age 16 and moved to full veganism 5 years ago. her plant-based menu stems from a pure passion of expressing the love she has for earth's bountiful creations. her biggest driving force to making vegetables taste good is fueled by purity. choosing ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible, seasonal, and fresh, allows her to keep the magic of the fruits and vegetables.

Our mission at Stalk is simple.

We provide healthy, plant-based food options for people to fall in love with vegetables. Exposing your body to a plant-forward diet has been scientifically proven to help heal your body (and your mind!) as well as help our planet by providing for ourselves with the natural elements. At Stalk we start at the root and blossom.


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